Time for a whipping of my male slave

I am kneeing in front of my mistress. I am naked and have a collar on my neck.
My mistress is sitting on the sofa and she is spreading her legs a little so I can see her pussy.
I have to look at her pussy and not her face. My cock starts to get bigger.
I have been ordered to clean the office table before. Now she takes the leash and connects it to my collar.
Also she takes a ball gag and puts it in my mouth.
Then she says: „I feel today that I want to hear my dog moan in pain. I will enjoy to hear you.
And my stupid dog needs it too.“ My cock is getting smaller when she says it. I am exited and afraid at the
same time. I know I have to get punished for my failures.
Then she stand up and leads me with the leash to the table.
„Stand up my dog in front of the table and bend forward and then spread your legs so they touch the table legs!“
Mistress with a collared male sex slave
Mistress with a collared male sex slave
I do as ordered and she starts to tie my legs to the table legs. Next she ties my hands to the opposite side of the table. Then she blindfolds my eyes. „This looks good for me and we will have a lot of fun today. Maybe not for you as my fun is to hear you moan.“ Then I feel her hand going down from my back to my ass and then down to my balls. She grabs my balls and then squezze them until I need to moan in pain. Then she plays a little with my
cock and says: Why you dog cock is so small now? Dogs are horny all the time and have a hard cock. Dogs want to smell pussy and lick it.“ Her words make my cock hard. She sees it and says: „See! I know you are a dog!
You are my dog! You will lick my pussy and ass and will be a happy dog! But dogs need to know who is the boss. So now you will feel who is boss.“
mistress with cuffed male sex slave
mistress with cuffed male sex slave
The she starts whip my back. The first stroke I must mean only a little. BUt then she whips me harder until i good moan every stroke. Every stroke the pain gets more. She whips me 20 times. I am quiet in pain already now and my skin is burning. Then she turns to my ass and starts to whip it. I have no choice to let her whip me how she wants, I have to moan every stroke of the whip and the pain runs though my body. I want her to stop but the gag doesn‘t allow me to say anthing and she hits me fast so only moaning I can do.
Then finally she stops. And slowly the pain goes away but my skin is still burning. She let me relax for 2 minutes.
Then I feel a movement on the table. Suddenly I feel pain on my balls as her whip hits my balls first time. I pull on the ropes as I am surprised and in pain. My mistress is standing on the table now and is whipping down between my balls and cock. She is starting soft but then gets stronger until I moan load enough to make her pleasure as she can see my pain with every whip stroke. She says. „I love to see my dog moan and move in pain. It is so cute and makes me feel good“
Domina with slave
The pain makes me sweat and I worry how my balls will look like after she finished torture me.. Then it is finally over. She climbs down from the table and is touching my body. it makes the pain become more again. The is touching also my balls and makes me pain more again also. I am hoping that she is finished with me now as all my body is in pain. Then suddenly I feel a finger at my asshole and it is pushing inside it. I moan again when she force it inside my asshole. She fuck me a little with her finger and then pulls it out. Then i feel again her fingers but more. She is stretching my asshole more with 2 or 3 fingers. First it is a little pain but then feel better more and more, She pulls again out and then I feel something different against my pussy hole. It must be the strapon.
Mistress fucks her male slave, pegging
Mistress fucks her male slave, pegging
Getting fucked in your ass is not always a pleasure. It is pain when first time the object is inserted into your ass. Also the inside of your ass is stretched and in pain until get used to it. It makes you submissiv to the one that fucks you. You feel like getting used as you offer your most intime part of the body to get penetrated. And when you just got whipped and you are in pain then it likely feel more like torture and humilation than pleasure. She pushes the plastic cock harder into my asshole and my asshole starts to open up. But it is much bigger than her 3 fingers and I have to moan as it hurts when the plastic goes deeper inside me. It is big and fills out completely my dog pussy. She takes off my gag so I can moan freely now. Then she start fucking me. Sometimes slower sometimes faster. She makes me moan a lot. I feel like a girl that moans when she gets fucked by a cock. When she fucks me hard and fast for longer times it makes me feel good like I want to cum by getting fucked in the ass.
The longer she fucks me also more pain comes in my ass. I am moaning every time she pushed her cock inside me. She sems to enjoy it as she fucks me long. My ass feels more like a pussy now when I feel the cock move in and out. I get raped by my mistress. Then she finshed her fucking and pulls it out. „It was fun to play with my dog.“ My back and my ass is burning from the whipping. My balls and cock are hurting from the whipping. My dog pussy is hurting from the fucking. She unties me and says: „Get down on the floor and on your knees.“ I slowly get up because every move is hurting now and I get on the floor in front of her. She says: „You have to say something?“. I reply: „I thank you my mistress to give me a punishment and fuck my dog pussy.“ „Now lick my pussy! Later I will use your dog cock to fuck it when you have power again,“