Submissiv girl is looking for dom guy

Dear viewers,

i am a 19year old, half-german, half-british submissive slave living in germany together with my 26year old, dominant and sadistic Master in a real 24/7 relationship.

While we are together for a while now, we are rather new to the real 24/7 lifestyle and still looking for parters and trainers to help us getting further down the road.

- Who are we exactly then?

I am Natasha, a genuine submissive girl who truly enjoys being dominate and controlled every second of her life. Although i am not masochistic at all, i trust my Master, Daniel, completely in his decisions and he never betrayed me yet. I have accepted that i will be used for pain sine after we moved in together and have the possibility to wear his marks on me.

I am writing this because this is an international site and my english tends to be still better than his (remember - half-british).
Be aware that you will most likely talk to my Master directly if you can speak german, but will usually talk to me as a translator if you can only speak english.
Please write and behave normal until we know you and don't treat me as a stupid bitch, i am not for anyone. I am neutral to each person my Master doesn't tell me to be submissive to.

Be also sure you understand that we only use the Internet to find persons of interest to meet, we will not do anything with anyone over the cyberspace.
You should be in or near germany or really willing to visit us if you contact us, otherwise you might not have found the right persons.

Be aware that we are only looking for dominant,sadistic men or straight couples with the male part being dominant and the female part being submissive.
We do not believe that men should be submissiv or females should play a dominant role, we cannot accept these concepts from both our points of view.

What are you doing and looking for then?

* 24/7 lifestyle, control and dominance

Our main interest is complete and fulltime dominance and control.
I love to be micromanged and being told what to do and what not. This
is very pleasing for me and is really what i want.

While we are used to this lifestyle, we are both rather new to the full 24/7 deal and will happily exchange with more experienced people and couples to learn from them to be able to better fulfill our dayily life.

I will happily submit the same way to any partner we meet and my Master tells me to with no difference.

Be sure you understand that for us this is the real thing, we live this lifestyle and believe in it.
We both believe in male supremacy over females very firmly and for real, not only for play.
If you do not like this or are only part time BDSM players who do not understand this, we most likely are not interested in you.

* Public display

We are believing in what we are doing and have not the slightest problem with showing
us in public.
I always wear my collar with slave-/dogtag and behave absolutely submissive to my Master also in public.

Many people know about us and we are not shy to tell anyone what we believe in.

I do treat other people neutral though, unless my Master tells me otherwise, that means i am polite, but not submissive to neutral people.

We are visiting discos, clubs and other locations regular and love to go out with other interesting people. I will happily submit to you while we
are out in the open if i am told to.

Be sure you understand that this is about Control and Dominance for us, not a sexual thing.
We will not and will never do anything sexual or disturbing or potential illegal in public!
I am not a whore rent out in public to strangers!

* Sexual Acts

While our primary focus is on the Dominance and Submissive side, there is a sexual component for us too.
My Master loves to stay passive and enjoy me pleasuring him in whatever way he tells me to.
I enjoy to do this for him and do not need active partners for my pleasures.
For my own excitement it's perfectly fine if i have to do everything. I am not a "fucktoy", i really prefer to do all the "work" myself so my Master and other partners can just relax and enjoy it. It's sexually fulfilling for me already.

Be aware that you might have to use condoms or not be allowed to use me sexually all the way if we are unsure about your health status, again, i am not a cheap whore!

* Private Humiliation and Kinks/Toilet Training

My Master very much love to humiliate me and train me in obedience to him with main focus on oral obedience.
I love him for keeping up my training and pushing me further and further, but i am not necessarily into this on my own.

I learned to like to lick him from head to toe on his command and to cope with not only licking his dick but also his armpits or his asshole clean.

Though, it is still very hard for me to lick feet, especially if they stink much, and to swallow piss. While i have long time experience with it, it still disgusts me.
In general i will submit to it without hesitation by now.

I am new to 24/7 play and full toilet service though, so i have serious problems with being used as toilet all day and especially shit swallowing yet. I am really disgusted by it and have no pleasure in it other than obeying my Master.
Please bear with me there if you want to do this and don't expect me to be happy about. But i will be very proud if i manage to do anything i was told right.

We are looking for partners with more experience in that area, especially to train me better how to cope with this, either by any tricks one can teach me to make it easier for me, or by desensitizing me by training to lick and swallow from multiple partners. For the latter you need to be an active scat/puke feeder or group and healthy.
No need to contact us about that if you are only into feet or piss, we don't need help there.

Be sure you understand our interest here is not into toilet sex but into humiliation and training and me not being into this much.

* Pain & Punishments

I am absolutely not masochistic and not good with pain, i am rather sensitive to it.

Though i am used to regular punishments if i have done something wrong.
I am treated roughly, slapped and spanked/caned on my ass often and used to it.
Other punishments i am used to are spanking my palms with a ruler or cane, and punishing the soles of my feet by real bastinado (with canes) or falaka (with other whips).

I do love my Master for punishing me and i really need him to punish me when i have done something wrong. I do not like the punishments itself, but would it be a punishment if i would like it? No! So this is perfectly fine for me.

I am still working on being able to ask for my own punishments correctly, and we like to see who others are handling this and train me further to be a good, trustworthy
submissive here who is not afraid of admitting her failures and asking for the apropriate punishment.

* SM / torture

Since i am not masochistic and we couldn't do anything with serious marks on my body until we moved together, i have very little experience and very little to say about this.

I did submit to my Master though, that he can use me for sadistic play as he wishes.
If you need to know what he plans on doing, you need to talk with him directly, i don't really know much about this.

For now he himself focuses on anal stretching and severe whippings on me.
While i kinda like vaginal stretching and fisting, anal dilation is new and painful to me and i can't say i like it yet.
I will most likely never like whippings, it's always been a punishment for me and
i am sad and don't really understand why my Master punishes me with such severe whippings even i have done nothing wrong yet.

My Master is looking for experienced Painplayers who can show and help him in this area since he himself is not so experienced with this either and doesn't want to injure me permanently or doing something badly wrong. You should have a strong interest in severe whippings since my Master is into this very much already.

I will submit to anyone for this whom my Master tells me to, and allow any practice i am told to. I am confident my Master will only allow what is right.

Since i am very obviously not masochistic, you can talk to us about it and get a written "contract" which lists anything you want to do as exactly as you want and i will sign that i am willing to allow everything out of my free will with no option to stop it before everything is done what is written down to the letter.

Be sure you understand that i will not like it, and that this "contract" is not a legal thing but just to ensure that you know that i am allowing this willignly and are not "raped". If you hurt me severely or do things we have not allowed you to do to me, you are not free from being legally punished just because you have that
letter from me. So be wise.

If you prefer a Masochist, please look for someone else.

* Are you Goths?

We are often mocked about our gothic look and feel.
Yes we do like the gothic style in clothing, music and behaviour.

We are not by any means extremists though, we do not roam cemetaries at night or worship or even believe in Satan or Vampyers.
Actually, we are both very much atheists and think people believing into
anything supernatural are a bit light minded.

So if you have a problem with Goths, please just see this as "fetish clothing", we do not need you to be Goth to play with us and we do not kick you out if you're into Techno or Hip Hop Music and Hippie clothing.

* Why are you looking for partners at all?

You should have read our profile better.

* Do you have any hard limits?

Yes: Idiots.
If you have read our profile thouroughly and still ask this question, you might not have understood who we are and what we are looking for.

* Why do you also allow things to be done to you that you obviously don't like?

If you ask that question, you obviously have not understood our way of life and what we think is right. You are not a right partner for us i am sorry!

* Do you really accept single men?! Can i meet you alone without your Master?

Yes and No.

* Do you take any money?

No. We won't do anything extra just for money. Either you fit what we are looking for, or not.
Submissive BDSM girl
Submissive BDSM girl