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How do I search for members?
To search for suitable members:

1 - Please log in,
2 - Select the menu item 'Search',
3 - Select the criteria by which you want to search,
4 - Select the menu item 'Search'.

Alternatively, you can browse members by photos. For this, select the menu item 'Search Members'. A member selection by country, you will find in the menu under 'Members by Country'.

Click on "Search" then choose type you want to search

How do I find out which members are online?
To find out which members are online now:

1 - Please log in,
2 - Select the menu item 'Last Online Members'.

Click on "Last Online Members"

The page of "Last Members Online"

How can I contact another members?
In order to socialize, you need a Gold membership. Once you become a Gold member, you will find in each profile of a member of the point 'Contact'. It allows you to contact other members.

What are visitors?
'Visitors' are other members who have looked at your profile.

How long remain visitors stored?
The visitor list will be saved for 30 days. Thereafter, the entries that are older than 30 days are automatically deleted. You can also remove yourself at any time, visitors from the list. Please note that we can not recover once deleted visitors for technical reasons.

What is the difference between contacts and top contacts?
In the contact list, you see all the contacts you have established since the beginning of your membership. Since this can be quite a lot over time, you have the ability to add your favorite contacts to the top contacts. So you create a better overview and can very quickly find the most important contacts.

What are blocked contacts?
'Blocked contacts' are the contacts with whom you do not want to communicate further. Blocked contacts can't send you messages through our site or can't chat with you anymore.

What are friends?
'Friends' are members with whom you are not in contact right now. If you do not want to lose the sight of these members and perhaps still want to contact later, then you can send to such members 'friend requests'.

Can another member see my friends?
Yes, also other members can see your friends. However, other members can not see your contacts.

How can I delete friends and what happens then?
To delete friends:

1 - Please log in,
2 - Select the menu item 'friends',
3 - Then press the 'Delete' button of the profile which you want to remove.

However, please note that you can not attach renewed friendship with once deleted friends.

Click item "Friends"

Choose "Friends bottom" click on "Delete which member you don't want to contact"

What is a flirt?
If you do not want the same contact someone, but want to find out first if that member has perhaps also of interest to you, then the 'Flirt' function is just the thing for you! So you can draw attention to themselves in a simple way.