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How can I contact the support?
Please check out our contact page of the website https://www.goodtimeinbed.com/contactus.php

How do I report an error?
Please send any comments or suggestions to the following email address: [email protected]. Please describe the problem you have found as much detailed as possible. Even better, you could help us if you could take a screen copy. This would accelerate the solution of the problem significantly.

How can I delete the browser cache or cookies?
Cookies are small files that are stored by a website on your computer with informations such as personal page settings and login information. Since the deletion of cookies is different in each browser, please make sure what browser you use.

Mozzila Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

How can I make a screen-shot?
To make a screen shot:

1 - Press [Print] on your keyboard,
2 - Open an image editing program of your choice, eg Paint,
3 - Press the two keys [Ctrl] + [v] simultaneously. Now a picture of your screen should appear in your image editing program.
4 - Save this file as a jpg file and send it to us with the following email address: [email protected].